Sunday, September 28, 2014

Awards Season

I've recently been nominated for a couple of blog awards, but seeing as they are similar I'm putting them in one post. I know I've done a few posts like these in the past but I enjoy writing them, and I love reading people's posts in response.

Liebster Award

I was nominated by Ghosiya, thank you so much, please go check out her blog! For more information on the award you can look at my previous post here.

1. What made you start blogging?
A mixture of inspiration from people like Zoe Sugg and Niomi Smart, I thought I'd try a new hobby, and also a way to meet people across the world.

2. What is your favourite TV Show?
Either The OC or Friends. My favourite current show is Survivor.

3. Why?
The OC and Friends are just classics, I could watch any episode over and over. Survivor's like my guilty pleasure but I can't miss an episode. I love reality TV especially when it's a social experiment.

4. Who is your favourite blogger?
I don't have a favourite but I love following these girls:
Beauty Outlook
Corkscrew Curls
El Wilmer
The Striped Vent

5. What one food would you happily eat for the rest of your life?

6. What is your favourite beauty product?

7. Are you a summer or winter kinda person?
Winter for fashion, but summer for everything else 

8. What is your 'I wear this too much but it's okay, I love it' piece of clothing?
This winter, my black jeans and boots

9. Most interesting fact about you?
I can fit 16 chubbie bunnies in my mouth

10. If you were granted one wish, what would it be?
I could travel the world for however long I want, wherever I want, with no cost. 

Sisterhood of the World

This is a new one for me so thank you Emily. Her blog is incredible, definitely check it out. 

The Rules:
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site
2. Put the Award logo on your blog
3. Answer their ten questions  
4. Make up ten new questions for your nominees
5. Nominate 10 bloggers

1. Fave subject at school/when you were at school?
Maths until high school, then it was English

2. Your favourite thing about blogging?
I love the interaction. Getting comments, reading other peoples blogs and learning about them.

3. Least favourite?
There's nothing I really dislike, sometimes a bit of lack of inspiration.

4. Are you an outdoorsy or indoorsy person?
I wish my internet would cut out forever so I could be an outdoor person, but I'm addicted to the computer :( Even if I'm outside I'm doing something like reading not hiking.

5. If you could have a superpower what would it be?
Time travel

6. Are you more of a makeup or fashion person?

7. What do you do in your spare time?
Read, blog, clean and eat

8. Name the first thing to your left, is there a story behind it?
Nail polish, I've just painted my nails

9. If money wasn't a factor, what would your dream job be?
Probably still the same, an event manager in festivals, concerts or conventions.

10. Any big plans next year?
Maybe travel. I think I'm transferring from Tafe (tertiary study) to Uni. I'm hoping for a second or new job maybe.

I nominate:
(If I've never nominated you let me know, I feel like I've nominated everyone by now)

My Questions:
1. Where would you love to live and why?
2. Who's more important to you, friends or family?
3.What's one topic you love to discuss?
4. And one you hate?
5. Are you a feminist?
6. Your best tip to get to sleep when you're struggling?
7. Apple or Samsung?
8. Favourite band?
9. What is your favourite age you've been and why?
10. Favourite room in your house to spend time in?
11. Ever been in love?
12. How long have you been blogging?
13. Celebrity crush(s)?
14. Most recent movie you've watched?
15. Shoes, clothes, accessories or makeup?

I've strayed a bit from the rules in the awards but oh well, why not change it up. To my nominees: You can pick which award you'd like to participate in, perhaps if you've done one before pick the other :) Also I've written 15 questions so feel free to pick and choose whichever ones you like depending on the number the awards suggests.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Review: Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

Hello lovelies. 
If you've seen any of my beauty related posts you'll know this is my Holy Grail foundation, I don't use anything else. In saying that I'll try to provide an un-biased review.

I really love this packaging! It's practical, made of glass so it's not going to accidentally squeeze everywhere in your bag. The colouring's cute, I love having different colours amongst my products. Super easy pump application and it seems to hold a lot, or at least it lasts me a while. When you're running low you can't cut it open for more, but you can still open the top and get a lot extra out. Also it stands up, which is a plus depending on how you store your makeup.

A half pump
Mostly Blended

Consistency & Coverage:
The consistency I find lovely, it's not gooey or sticky. It's really smooth without being watery. It feels super light on my skin. I find I can use barely any and get a really light, natural finish, but it's fine for when I want a heavier look as well. The coverage it gives is good and really evens out my skin tone. The finish is quite dewy, not to the point of looking sweaty, and would be good for dryer skin. I would say I have combination skin, I don't think this foundation would be that great for oily skin types.

Foundation only (and primer)
End of the day

Does it do its job?
"Our first foundation that visibly reawakens and illuminates skin with a radiant glow and flawless, natural-looking finish. Instant anti-fatigue effect. With peptides and a Vitamin Moisturising Complex."

I think it really does provide a 'radiant glow' as it suggests. It may be because I look awful first thing in the morning but after applying I feel I look much more awake. So ticks for living up to its name. It also looks and feel quite moisturising. It provides good coverage and feels good so I would definitely say it does its job well. As a bonus it smells nice, like a sweet smelling sunscreen. I'm going to give it a 9/10 just incase I find one better.

I hope this review is somewhat helpful if you haven't tried the foundation. I think I reviewed all the important bits. If you want to know anything else leave me a question.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Blogging Blues

I know I've been quite absent from my blog recently half by accident, and I'm really sorry about that. I've been crazy busy lately and I've not wanted to post any pointless posts just to have some content.

This blog comes second to a lot of things and as much as I want to keep it updated I won't let it become a chore. BUT.. I do have some posts planned for the future, some product reviews, maybe a 'what's in my bag,' so don't loose faith, there will be more good stuff to come.

I apologise again for this boring post and I'll leave you with some pictures from my life the past few weeks.

I love visiting these sorts of cafe's with quirky vibes
My go to hair
And assorted moments I wanted to photograph :)

Leave me your stories of blog motivation, or inspiration, or what you love about blogging, and watch this space, it will get more interesting.

Miss J xx

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Different Way To Blog

Hello lovely people of the internet, I hope everyone's doing fine. 
I'm sure many of you are familiar with the website Tumblr. I know it's also a blogging platform, but I feel it's so dissimilar to Blogger. I associate Tumblr more with images, while Blogger's much more about sharing in writing. I've been using Tumblr forever but when I knew I wanted to create my own content it wasn't the right place for it.

Obviously I'm still on Tumblr all the time, I find it brilliant for inspiration, connecting with people and learning a whole lot. Recently I sort of changed up the style and theme of my blog and I'm pretty happy with it now. I've included a heap of screen caps from my blog recently.

If anyone reading has a Tumblr at the moment and you like what you see, feel free to follow me here (yes this is a shameless plug for myself). If you do, send me a message on there that you came from this post and I'll definitely follow you as well.

Also please do let me know your opinions of Tumblr, or any other websites you use to blog, connect, or for inspiration.

Miss J xx

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Top Ten Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Patricia to do this tag so thankyou very much! Here's my top ten list of beauty products right now.

1. Foundation
I am still completely in love with the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation, I haven't used anything else since I got it and I've repurchased already so I probably won't be trying anything new soon.

2. Powder
Right now I'm using the Revlon Nearly Naked powder but it's almost out. It's really flawless and great for setting foundation and concealer.

3. Concealer
Recently, I started using the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer and it's so perfect for my under eye area as it's the perfect colour for correcting purple and bluish tones. It's also a great consistency and easy to use packaging.

4. Blush
I'm not a huge blush person, I'm always worried I'll end up with the clown look. Currently I use the Rimmel Lasting Finish soft colour blush in 170 Genuine Plum. It's not plum coloured as the name suggests but I do like it compared to brighter blushers.

5. Bronzer
I'm obsessed with Mac's Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Dark. It's got such a pretty glow and looks so natural. In summer I'll probably use it all over my face to create that sun-kissed look.

6. Highlighter
I use the Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle but I've stopped using it as often as I used to. I only really use it on a night out as i find it to shimmery for everyday use. But it's still so so beautiful.

7. Mascara
My absolute favourite is Le Volume De Chanel mascara, even though I try to limit it's use, because it's just too special to me. I raved about this in my first favourites post too. You'll never hear me say a bad thing about this mascara.

8. Eye Shadow
I cannot decide on just one. I love using a mix of any palettes I have so I can get the exact look I want. My favourite palette would be the Mac quad from my last favourites post. But my favourite single shadow colour is Strange from the Naked 3 Palette. I use it with nearly every look.

9. Brows
I don't use any brow pencils or anything on my eyebrows. They're pretty full already so I just take my Nude angled brush and a dark eyeshadow to fill them in a bit.

10. Lip Product
This is the toughest category. My favourite lipstick I own is Mac's Impassioned in the Amplified Creme finish. It's not an everyday look but definitely the one I wouldn't live without.

Hope you enjoyed, I tag:

Let me know in the comments if you do this tag :)

Miss J xx

Monday, September 01, 2014

Beauty Haul

I haven't posted any real beauty posts lately so apologies there, but heres a little haul of the beauty bits I've picked up recently.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Liquid Foundation 103 'True Ivory'
Yes, it's the same foundation I've been using all year, and no, I'm probably not going to change anytime soon. I really love this foundation, it's good quality and not expensive.

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder 003 'Peach Glow'
I used this powder a few years ago and forgot about it, but I've decided to try it again and I know a lot of people like it.

L'Oreal Color Riche Eye Colour Pencil 06 'Delicate Beige'
I hadn't really considered anything other than eyeshadow before, but I saw this and loved the metallic look. Also they were on special.

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss No. 20 'Rossetto'
My first Kate Moss lipstick. I went for something bright because I'm so often buying simple, everyday colours. It has quite a purple tone to it in real life, more than this picture shows.

Mac Powder Blush Satin 'Fleur Power'
I finally picked up this blush that I've had my eye on for so long. Mac can sell me on anything, I'm obsessed with all the packaging of all their pots and this colour is just what I wanted. 

Mac Brush 116
On my wish-list post I had mentioned wanting the 129 brush, but after careful consideration in the Mac store I decided this was the brush for me. I managed to leave Mac relatively unscathed with these to items.

I love having fresh, new products to hold, but I also have the urge to try my new things straight away, so I never have untouched products for long.
 Let me know any new beauty products you've purchased recently, your thoughts on these ones, or if you want to see a review of any of these products.

Miss J xx

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I've been thinking of this post for a while now but I've waited until I hit this milestone to write it. I've been running this blog for just over two months and I've had a huge amount of positive feedback. I don't want to ramble forever in this post so it's another short one. 

I hate to focus on the numbers but everyone does whether your blog is a hobby or a job. It's not why I have this blog but seeing the number of views go up each day makes me so happy. I'm hoping to put out some more beauty content, maybe some DIY if I'm any good at it, but if anyone has any suggestions for future posts feel free to pop em in the comments.

I am so extremely grateful for every view, comment and follower. You have no idea how happy I get (or maybe you do) when I see any sort of recognition for what I'm doing on here. So this is my little thank you, or just me expressing my gratitude to every one of you who reads this :)

Miss J xx

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Uncensored and sexy?

So this post is something a bit different. I haven't really anything inspiring to say right here so I'll let this video speak for itself...

If you want, you can go ahead and watch all your favourite celebrities pouring ice on themselves and laughing, (I know they're still all doing a good thing btw) but if you only watch one ALS video please watch this one. 

To donate click here

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Liebster Awards (Again?)

1. Post 11 facts about yourself
2. Answer the eleven questions provided by the person who nominated you, and then create an eleven question set for the next group of nominees 
3. Chose eleven people to nominate and link them in the post 
4. Let your nominees know they've been tagged - and no tag-back! 
5. Nominate blogs under 200 followers 

Thank you so much to Faith for the nomination! I've been nominated previously for this award so you can view those posts here and here 
I've skipped the facts about me because I did them recently 

Faith's questions:
1) Why did you start your blog?
I felt like I needed a little side project or a way to share my thoughts, and hopefully talk to other people too. Mainly to connect with other people and maybe be a bit more organised.

2) What is one thing you can't live without?

3) Where in the world would you want to live given the chance?
I really love living in Australia but if I were to move I'd like Switzerland or Scandinavia. I like countries that have their head screwed on right.

4) If you could be someone else for a day, who would it be and why?
There's no one's life in particular that I want, I could easily invent a new life for myself though.

5) Describe yourself in five words.
Patient, obsessive, resilient, reserved, free-spirited

6) What is your biggest accomplishment in life so far?
Staying true to myself and not living for others

7) How does being a blogger make you feel? What feeling are sparked by blogging?
I don't know if I'm ready to call me self an official 'blogger' yet. I love creating content and seeing what I'm able to create. I feel so pleased when I get good feedback on a blogpost

8) If there is one thing in life that you wish you could change, what would it be?
I can't decide which I hate more, poverty or discrimination

9) What is one thing that you love about yourself? Both a physical and internal thing.
Physically, I'm fairly happy with my eyes
Internally, I love being resilient and not caring what other people think

10) What makes you feel beautiful?
Shallow as it is, getting ready for a night out. Makeup and clothes that make me look beautiful

And a simple little question to wrap everything up,
11) What is your favorite movie of all time?
Moulin Rouge

My Questions:
1. What are you currently studying/working/doing right now?
2. Selfie's or group photos?
3. Favourite reality TV program?
4. Most important physical feature in a partner?
5. What was your favourite game as a kid?
6. Your most prized possession?
7. What's one thing you love most about your blog?
8. Favourite sport to watch and play?
9. What's your main goal before the end of the year?
10. Current fashion trend obsession?
11. If you were picking your wedding song now what would you choose?

I nominate:

I hope you guys do this I'd love to see your responses

Miss J xx

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Good Reads

So I know it's been a while, sorry for the lack of posts, but I've been on a road trip with my mum for four days with no way to post anything :( Anyway, that's all changing now..

I'm a huge lover of books so if you are too then keep reading. Sometimes I'll be reading the same books for months, and other times I'm up until 4am and finishing books in one sitting. Most of the time I have about ten books on the go at once. Whenever I'm online I'm always seeing awesome book reviews and recommendations so this is a little post of the books that I love!

Looking For Alaska - John Green
Everyone knows John Green right now because The Fault In Our Stars has been so popular. TFIOS was my first but I've since bought all the books he's had a part in. Looking For Alaska is a teenage romance-y kind of story but, like anything John Green, you'll probably laugh, definitely cry, and get completely lost in the characters. Without giving anything away for anyone who hasn't read it I think it's a really beautiful, interesting story that you can take at face value as a cute book, or you can think deeply about for a long time.

The Reader - Bernhard Schlink
This book was on my school English curriculum so obviously it's filled with themes and techniques and all that stuff that's just ingrained in my brain now. Despite that, I absolutely loved the story. It's a romance between a 15-year-old boy and an older woman but so not as simple and weird as it sounds. This isn't a cute teenage story but it's not a difficult read and really interesting if you want something different.  

Paper Towns - John Green
I can't stop the praise for John Green. Everything he writes I fall in love with. I think Paper Towns is my favourite of his novels. It's another young adult story and it supports the idea that I love about many of his stories: that not everything has to be romanticised, somethings are great, somethings are crap, and not everything will play out like the fairytale in your head. It's another easy read that I can think about forever.

Cloud Atlas - David Mitchell
This book is completely different to the others and I'm not sure I even fully understand it. If you're not a fan of confusing stories and more difficult books to read this won't be for you. It's such an intricate story that explores the idea that all human lives can be connected. The novel follows 6 different stories over a huge time period, and it's filled with every genre you could want. I would definitely recommend a second (or third) read.

Eat Pray Love - Elizabeth Gilbert
My last book is different again. Eat Pray Love is a memoir of Elizabeth's journey to find herself. I'm not at all a spiritual person but this book captivated me. If you're like me and you look at an autobiography and turn away immediately don't fear this book! Gilbert's writing style is so cute and quirky it's like reading a fiction novel. I wouldn't call this book 'young adult' but still easy to read and a great story that left me with a great outlook on life.

So this has been my mini book review/recommendation and I hope I've encouraged someone to read one of these amazing books. I love discovering new books so if you've read anything great recently please leave some recommendations in the comments :)

Miss J xx

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Wishlist: Is it still winter?

It might be early but I'm already thinking about the end of this month and the beginning of Spring (fingers crossed for warmer weather). This is my current August wish list.

I've been a huge fan of the kimono trend but haven't gotten one myself and I though this one from Sportsgirl was an incredible pattern. It definitely wouldn't be warm enough to wear just now but as the sun comes out more I think kimonos will be perfect for spring. 
This Nars palette I've been eyeing forever but you can't get Nars anywhere in Australia. My friend is travelling to Europe so I'm making her get me some Nars bits. 
I discovered the Romwe brand on Tumblr and I wan't everything on their website. I love loose tees like this and this popsicle pattern is to die for.
The Iconic is an Australian website that stocks hundreds of brands and scanning the shoe sections I found these two pairs. I LOVE white heels, I think they look so classy and can dress up any outfit, and I own a black pair similar to these but a white pair could really expand my outfit choices. The little jade sandals I thought were super cute and perfect going into Spring, they're like a dressed up pair of jelly sandals.
I breathe MAC products and my next MAC victim will be this blush brush because my current brush is old and awful.
My current favourite pair of jeans have just recently gotten a hole in them in a place I don't want out in public, so I'm in desperate need of a new pair. And who doesn't love anything Topshop?
I had a floppy hat last summer that I loved and then I lost, so before the sun comes out again I want a new one. City Beach is one of my favourite Australian stores but it's not in my state :(
General Pants Co. is another of my favourite stores. I currently have a really cute backpack but it's not quite big enough for books etc. for study. I love the tile of these backpacks, small but not too small, and the cute marble pattern.
The final item on my wish list is a must for me. I love my eyebrows; they're dark and thick but can tend to be quite unruly, so I want a little something just to keep them tame, and I haven't tried an eyebrow gel before.

Let me know what's on your wish list right now!

Miss J xx

Monday, August 04, 2014

July Favourites

Another month, another bunch of things that have treated me well. These have been my favourites over the month of July.

MAC 'Hold My Gaze' quad
-=White Rabbit, Hold My Gaze, Dame's Desire, and Deep Secret=-
This Mac palette is the palette of my dreams. I'd been eyeing it for ages before I bought it and I was so happy with my purchase. This is the perfect palette for a night out, my absolute favourite has been Dame's Desire.

Revlon Colourburst lip butter
-=050 Berry Smoothie, 025 Peach Parfait, 080 Strawberry Shortcake=-
I love the texture of these lip butters, they're not as heavy as a lipstick and they're full of moisture too. I'm not super adventurous with lip colours so I picked some easy to wear colours of these and they're great for when I want to add just a touch of colour to my look. I've mainly been using Strawberry Shortcake. They're also easy to reapply throughout the day.

Revlon Nearly Naked powder
-=020 Light Pale=-
While I was in Thailand it was constant 30° weather so normally I would be as shiny as a shiny fore-headed person could get. Thankfully I packed this powder with me as it saved my life. I'm sure many powders do a great job at reducing shine, this one just happened to be the one with me at the time. Either way, this is a favourite of mine everyday not just in the hot weather and sets my makeup beautifully.

Sportsgirl 'Seafoam,' unknown white nail polish, Butter London 'Keks'
I wanted to get my nails back on track this month because I hate when mine are short, and I find the best way to help them grow is to paint them. I paint my nails every 2-5 days because I can't stand when they're chipped and these are the three I've been using most this month.

Batiste Dry Shampoo 'Cherry'
I'd never really used dry shampoo before trying the Batiste one, I'd just used talcum/baby powder. But since I started using this I find it incredible. Powder's fine for at night but it leaves residue so I don't like using it in the morning. The Batiste dry shampoo leaves no powder residue and it creates volume when my hair is looking limp. Also I picked the cherry bottle because the smell is amazing.

Finders Keepers 'Seen It All' maxi skirt
I loved this skirt the moment I tried it on, I love how it hugs my legs and I can vary which way it sits. It was difficult to justify after looking at the price tag but I knew it would be perfect for my holiday. I wore it nearly everyday and I know I'll love it going into summer. It can be so easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Gabriella [Velvet ghost]
Recently I have not been able to stop watching Gabby's videos. Any of you who watch her will know why. She's so genuine and funny and I always feel like I'm really getting the real thing when I'm watching her. She posts heaps of hauls, which I love, including a lot of home-ware stuff.

I've got three music favourites to share this month. I adored Ella Henderson on the X Factor UK and her new song Ghost has just cemented my love for her. I'm a sucker for catchy songs and this one is so good. Currently I also adore Australian artist Illy, his newest tune Tightrope I've had on replay. Again it's just so catchy. My last music favourite will be no surprise to anyone who's been online this month. An Australian again: Troye Sivan. I can't stop listening to Happy Little Pill, as soon as I heard it I preordered his EP. It was not at all what I was expecting, it's sooo much better. I so hope he gets all the recognition he deserves for his talent.

My last (but not least) favourite has been all you guys reading this right now. In just under two months I've had over a thousand people taking a peek at my blog and it means the world to me to know that there's people who actually notice what I've been doing. A special thanks to everyone who's ever commented, I read them all and I love hearing feedback and discovering new blogs.

Please let me know your favourite things and recommendations in the comments :)

Miss J xx