Sunday, June 29, 2014

How Lush

Recently the Lush store in town got a makeover so I had to check it out! I picked up a few goodies for the bath during the cold winter and thought I'd share them. 

The Comforter Bubble Bar:

This one has a super sweet smell of berries and musk and says it will wrap me in a 'fluffy pink blanket of blackberry bubbles.'

Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb:

This smells super citrus-y like lemons, and I already know it's great. I love the gold/orange, glittery water it creates.

Brightside Bubble Bar:

The shop assistant told me this bubble bar is really nice to use with the Dragon's Egg bath bomb. It has a similar citrus smell but more like an orange.

 Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb:

This one smells, as it suggests, just like roses but also with a warm, lemon-y scent. It also has little rosebuds that float and will release a 'magical love spell!'

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar:

This one smells super sweet! Just like red frog lollies. It's supposed to make the bath water creamy for extra soft skin.

So these are all my current Lush goodies, I'm hugely excited to try them all. If you have any Lush favourites please recommend them in the comments (not just bath stuff), I would love to know which products are good.

Miss J xx

Thursday, June 26, 2014

What's on my face?

...Or my everyday makeup.


Primer: Rimmel BB Cream (Light) -*- As a primer I find this beauty balm quite thick and heavy and, because I'm putting foundation over the top, I'd prefer something lighter. I also have Benefits The POREfessional which I like much more but save for special occasions. Overall, though, the Rimmel cream provides good coverage.

Foundation: Rimmel Wake Me Up (103 True Ivory) -*- Of the few foundations I've tried this one is my favourite. I love the consistency, coverage and it blends really well. It's also lasting me a long time which is a plus and it lasts throughout the day.

Concealer: Maybelline FIT me! (10 Light) -*- I've always used Maybelline for concealer so I can't really compare this to others. It blends perfectly and is perfect for lighting up around my eyes.

Powder: Revlon Photoready (010 Fair/Light) -*- I'd recently been using the Revlon Nearly Naked Powder (which I liked) but when I swatched this one I found it much more pigmented. I find this one much easier for my brush to pick up and it really makes my skin 'photoready'.


Bronzer: MAC MSF Natural (Medium Dark) -*- From my last post you can see this is a new addition but it will definitely be a permanent part of my everyday makeup. I love the colour and contour this creates and it's exactly what I've been looking for. It's not hugely pigmented but it make for easy blending.

Blush: Rimmel Lasting Finish Soft Colour (170 Genuine Plum) -*- Right now this is just a blush of convenience until I buy a new one I like. It's not hugely pigmented, though I like that for a blush, and the colour's just average, a bit more toned down than it appears in this photo. I've been using this everyday for ages and you can see barely any has been used, a plus.

Highlighter: MAC MSF (Soft and Gentle) -*- Another new purchase. This has been great at creating a glow especially on my cheekbones. Though it is quite shimmery, for everyday wear I wouldn't mind finding another that's not so fancy.


Brows: This little palette is so old I honestly can remember, or see on the packaging, what brand it is. It's an eyeshadow palette but I've found this dark brown colour works for my eyebrows.

Eyeshadow: Sportsgirl Eye Like It -*- This palette consist of mainly shimmer shadows and not much matte. For everyday I generally like to use one of the light colours over the lid with a darker brown through the crease. The shadows are quite highly pigmented and stay on well but they're nothing spectacular and would still recommend drugstore brands over this one.

Eyeliner: MAC Superslick Liquid Eyeliner (On The Hunt) -*- The pencil liner is another oldy with no visible brand or labelling but it's still a goody. I use it for tight lining and occasionally my lash line. It lasts quite well and is a good, dark black. I use the liquid liner on my top lash line and this Mac liner is the love of my life. The consistency is so perfect and smooth and the application is super easy (even if you suck like me).

Mascara: Maybelline The Falsies Flared (Blackest Black) -*- I picked this up recently at the recommendation of the one and only Tanya Burr and there's no turning back. I love the bristle brush for getting close to the base of the lashes. It also does't clump which is my mascara pet peeve.


Nude by Nature: I picked up this pack because it was only $25 for the 6 brushes and I am super happy, they were such good value. The brushes are extremely soft and they've stayed in good quality after washes. 
1. The small buffer I use for foundation and it blends beautifully.
2. The second brush is a powder brush but i use it for bronzer. It's a perfect shape for under my cheekbones and good for blending.
3 & 4. The two eyeshadow brushes are super soft on my eyelids and the domed blending brush is great in the crease.
5. This concealer brush is the only let down. I suppose it blends fine but it's quite hard and really difficult to clean because of its tightly packed bristles.
6. This is a double ended brush. One side is meant for eyes but I use this to do my eyebrows. I'd prefer it was a bit more tightly packed. The other end is supposed to be a lip brush but I find it apples shadow well in my inner tear duct.

MAC: From Mac I have the 150 brush for powder and this is the most perfect brush I've ever used. It's so soft when applying powder and picks up any powder well. The 239 brush is perfect for applying shadow to the crease. I swear by Mac's brushes and many would disagree but I believe these brushes are worth the money.

So there's my everyday makeup. Some people might think this is too much or too little but I think it's just right. If anyone has any suggestions for any great everyday products (especially a blusher) please leave them in the comments. Also leave a link to your own everyday makeup post and I'll definitely look at them :)

Miss J xx

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mini beauty/indulgence haul

This is my first haul and I thought I'd just show a couple of beauty bits I picked up recently plus some other cute items.

I've been looking for a new bronzer because I'm super pale and they're always to dark for me so I fell in love when I tried Mac's Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Dark. It work's perfectly for me as a bronzer and contour.

I couldn't help myself whilst in Mac so I also picked up this Mineralize Skinfinish highlighter in Soft and Gentle.

For the lips I got this Revlon Colourburst lip crayon because I've heard only good things about it. I chose a matte balm in the shade 205 Elusive for something I can wear day to day.

From Peter Alexander I couldn't resist my favourite Glasshouse Candle. If you're a lover of strong sweet smells I would recommend this one. Also their glass containers are great to reuse when the wax is all gone.

My first ever purchase from Lush (insane, I know) was this Phoenix Rising bath bomb. It has a spicy chai smell about it that I though was perfect for winter. I also got the Dragon's Egg bath bomb but if you saw my last post you'll see I've already used it (and I will be getting again). 

So those are just a few bits I've picked up recently and hopefully I'll be able to post more hauls soon.

Miss J xx

Friday, June 20, 2014

Brunchin' and Bathin'

I love a super relaxing day like today. I went to this cute little cafe in suburbs of Adelaide, and A+ would recommend, though I didn't take a photo of my pancakes. My bath later was luxurious, I soaked in my Dragon's Egg bath bomb from Lush which smelled incredible and felt super moisturising. I hope I get many more days like this during winter.

Miss J xx

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Winter is coming

I don't know what has been going on with the weather lately but today it decided to take a break from it's usual freezing self. With winter well upon us I thought I'd take advantage of the beautiful day, spend some time outside and share the pretty weather with you.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Is there anyone out there?

I've decided to do this thing, and it's taken me a long time work out how to begin. So this might start out slow and probably not that great, but I'm going to start blogging. About what? I don't even know. Anything and everything I guess, including everything in the tags. Hopefully as I go on I'll find my way and maybe someone will even read something I post.

I guess my life isn't that interesting at the moment but hopefully through this blog I'll be able to create excitement to share. I wan't to use this platform as a diary that I am motivated to keep up with, a way to interact with new people, discover new things and maybe help or entertain people. I'm not a great writer, entertainer, or comedian but I'm going to try my best to make something out of nothing here. 

For now though, watch this space. If there is anyone there please leave comments with any tips on how to successfully do this and any support would be appreciated.

Miss J xx