Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Review: Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

Hello lovelies. 
If you've seen any of my beauty related posts you'll know this is my Holy Grail foundation, I don't use anything else. In saying that I'll try to provide an un-biased review.

I really love this packaging! It's practical, made of glass so it's not going to accidentally squeeze everywhere in your bag. The colouring's cute, I love having different colours amongst my products. Super easy pump application and it seems to hold a lot, or at least it lasts me a while. When you're running low you can't cut it open for more, but you can still open the top and get a lot extra out. Also it stands up, which is a plus depending on how you store your makeup.

A half pump
Mostly Blended

Consistency & Coverage:
The consistency I find lovely, it's not gooey or sticky. It's really smooth without being watery. It feels super light on my skin. I find I can use barely any and get a really light, natural finish, but it's fine for when I want a heavier look as well. The coverage it gives is good and really evens out my skin tone. The finish is quite dewy, not to the point of looking sweaty, and would be good for dryer skin. I would say I have combination skin, I don't think this foundation would be that great for oily skin types.

Foundation only (and primer)
End of the day

Does it do its job?
"Our first foundation that visibly reawakens and illuminates skin with a radiant glow and flawless, natural-looking finish. Instant anti-fatigue effect. With peptides and a Vitamin Moisturising Complex."

I think it really does provide a 'radiant glow' as it suggests. It may be because I look awful first thing in the morning but after applying I feel I look much more awake. So ticks for living up to its name. It also looks and feel quite moisturising. It provides good coverage and feels good so I would definitely say it does its job well. As a bonus it smells nice, like a sweet smelling sunscreen. I'm going to give it a 9/10 just incase I find one better.

I hope this review is somewhat helpful if you haven't tried the foundation. I think I reviewed all the important bits. If you want to know anything else leave me a question.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I used to use the Rimmel Wake Me Up every single day, I remember it as being such a gorgeous base product, I think that I may have to repurchase this little baby at some point :) xx

    1. It's really great for everyday, I always want to have a bottle in my collection :)

  2. great product!

  3. Great post :) I might just pick it up next time i see it if its as good as it looks in your pictures.

  4. I can't believe how great it still looks at the end of the day.
    xx, Jodi

  5. Wow thats a good product !! Totally love the end of the day look !! it made you look even more gorgeous !!

    Followed you !! , Hoping for your follow back ! :)


  6. Hey, I love your blog and followed on bloglovin! I've seen this foundation around and always wondered if it would be good or not. I love using my Rimmel Stay Matte foundation so maybe I should look at this one. I think it looks amazing on you :) Your skin looks flawless! xxx

    1. I'm thinking about trying the Stay Matte too, to compare them. Thankyou, my skins being kind of good at the moment xx

  7. Wow you are stunning. I just stumbled across your blog and I absolutely love it. Great job :)

  8. I'm currently looking for a new foundation and i'll definitely keep this one in mind while looking! Lovely post x

  9. I love this foundation and agree with everything you've said! Great post x

  10. Great review, will defiantly be checking it out

  11. Sounds like a good foundation for days when you don't when you don't want too much coverage.
    Just follwed your blog :o)
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  12. You Blog is really brilliant especially this post, I was wondering if you could check out mine & follow if you like what you see aha XX

  13. Sounds really good! I might check go try it!

  14. Ive never tried remel foundations but this one sounds good

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