Monday, August 04, 2014

July Favourites

Another month, another bunch of things that have treated me well. These have been my favourites over the month of July.

MAC 'Hold My Gaze' quad
-=White Rabbit, Hold My Gaze, Dame's Desire, and Deep Secret=-
This Mac palette is the palette of my dreams. I'd been eyeing it for ages before I bought it and I was so happy with my purchase. This is the perfect palette for a night out, my absolute favourite has been Dame's Desire.

Revlon Colourburst lip butter
-=050 Berry Smoothie, 025 Peach Parfait, 080 Strawberry Shortcake=-
I love the texture of these lip butters, they're not as heavy as a lipstick and they're full of moisture too. I'm not super adventurous with lip colours so I picked some easy to wear colours of these and they're great for when I want to add just a touch of colour to my look. I've mainly been using Strawberry Shortcake. They're also easy to reapply throughout the day.

Revlon Nearly Naked powder
-=020 Light Pale=-
While I was in Thailand it was constant 30° weather so normally I would be as shiny as a shiny fore-headed person could get. Thankfully I packed this powder with me as it saved my life. I'm sure many powders do a great job at reducing shine, this one just happened to be the one with me at the time. Either way, this is a favourite of mine everyday not just in the hot weather and sets my makeup beautifully.

Sportsgirl 'Seafoam,' unknown white nail polish, Butter London 'Keks'
I wanted to get my nails back on track this month because I hate when mine are short, and I find the best way to help them grow is to paint them. I paint my nails every 2-5 days because I can't stand when they're chipped and these are the three I've been using most this month.

Batiste Dry Shampoo 'Cherry'
I'd never really used dry shampoo before trying the Batiste one, I'd just used talcum/baby powder. But since I started using this I find it incredible. Powder's fine for at night but it leaves residue so I don't like using it in the morning. The Batiste dry shampoo leaves no powder residue and it creates volume when my hair is looking limp. Also I picked the cherry bottle because the smell is amazing.

Finders Keepers 'Seen It All' maxi skirt
I loved this skirt the moment I tried it on, I love how it hugs my legs and I can vary which way it sits. It was difficult to justify after looking at the price tag but I knew it would be perfect for my holiday. I wore it nearly everyday and I know I'll love it going into summer. It can be so easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Gabriella [Velvet ghost]
Recently I have not been able to stop watching Gabby's videos. Any of you who watch her will know why. She's so genuine and funny and I always feel like I'm really getting the real thing when I'm watching her. She posts heaps of hauls, which I love, including a lot of home-ware stuff.

I've got three music favourites to share this month. I adored Ella Henderson on the X Factor UK and her new song Ghost has just cemented my love for her. I'm a sucker for catchy songs and this one is so good. Currently I also adore Australian artist Illy, his newest tune Tightrope I've had on replay. Again it's just so catchy. My last music favourite will be no surprise to anyone who's been online this month. An Australian again: Troye Sivan. I can't stop listening to Happy Little Pill, as soon as I heard it I preordered his EP. It was not at all what I was expecting, it's sooo much better. I so hope he gets all the recognition he deserves for his talent.

My last (but not least) favourite has been all you guys reading this right now. In just under two months I've had over a thousand people taking a peek at my blog and it means the world to me to know that there's people who actually notice what I've been doing. A special thanks to everyone who's ever commented, I read them all and I love hearing feedback and discovering new blogs.

Please let me know your favourite things and recommendations in the comments :)

Miss J xx


  1. Great post! I'm obsessssssed with Happy Little Pill and Ghost. Thanks for the follow, I gave you a follow on Bloglovin' :)

  2. Heey! I have been loving Pretty Little Liars, every episode seems to have a suspenseful cliffhanger. And it makes you eager to watch the next episode! I also love Ghost, I love how she waited till she was 18 to begin music even though she cam e on X Factor at the age of 16! I love Gabby, but my all time favourtie blogger has got to be Zoe (Zoella)! Loved this post, so relatable and fun! Followed you on GFC #14 follower. Do check out my blog and maybe follow back too :)

    Rebecca | Blog

    1. Thankyou I followed back :) I love Pretty Little Liars too though I've only seen the first season, I must get back into it. Zoe's a favourite every month! it goes without saying :)

      Thanks for reading xx

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  3. Hey!
    I've been listening to Ella Henderson and Troye Sivan all the day! Love Ghost and Happy Little Pill!
    How much did the Mac palette cost? The colours look amazing!
    Did you fix your Thailand video? Really want to see it!

    1. The Mac palette I think was $65 Australian. I'll try to upload the video again and take out the music, I'll send you a link if I can do that :) xx

  4. I love reading your blog posts! I'm obsessed with watching Gabby too, I think her videos are so good but she's also hilarious x

  5. batiste dry shampoo is one of my essentials, i don't know what I ever did without it! Gabby is my absolute fave you tuber! I love how crazy but down to earth she is haha x

  6. That MAC palette looks like perfection!

    1. It really is! Mac quality delivers again :)

  7. I love that MAC quad! So pretty!

    Kelsey | Peach Blossom

    1. I know, I think I'll be getting more of these :)

  8. I love Troye Sivan's EP, it's soo good, totally agree with you, it's very different from what I expected as well! Just stumbled upon your blog and I really like it, would mean a lot if you could check out my blog as well!
    Sneha :)


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