Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hands Across The Water

As part of my current holiday in Thailand, my family and another organised a visit to the Baan Than Namchai orphanage which we learnt about through the Hands Across The Water organisation. (links are here and here)

The orphanage was originally set up after the 2004 tsunami devastation in Thailand that left so many children homeless and without family. As of our visit they currently house and support around 90 children.

This day was honestly one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It was so touching to see all the work that had been put towards helping these kids, the oldest of which were attending university thanks to the Hands program. Together our two families spent only a little over $200 on supplies for the orphanage, which to some people may seem like nothing, but to them it was a huge amount of supplies, snacks and essentials. We also bought some beautiful handmade items made by the children from their craft shop where the proceeds go straight back into the orphanage.

The atmosphere and the children's positivity was so overwhelming, by the end I could hardly bear to leave. I would recommend to anyone, travelling or even at home, to seek out some type of charitable place, community or anything and do whatever little thing you can to help. The joy it will bring to the people you help and to you is worth it a million times over.

Miss J xx


  1. This was so heart warming.Pictures are amazing!
    Keep in touch xoxo

  2. Must have been really great! I love the pictures especially because the children seem to be quite happy which makes me smile right now xx

    1. The kids were all so happy, friendly and welcoming. I couldn't stop smiling there! xx

  3. amazing pictures<3
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  5. Beautiful, posts like these restore my faith in humanity. x

  6. It's lovely that you helped out there! I can imagine it must've been such an emotional yet rewarding visit. And I agree with you, the joy that comes from giving to charity cannot be beaten by any other.

    Ayesha xxx

  7. Woah! what an adventure! I'd love to do that! They all look so happy! soo cute!
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