Friday, July 18, 2014

TMI! Tag

Ahh, there's no pictures in this post D: If you can be bothered go ahead and read all about me.

1: What are you wearing?
My pyjamas (oversized souvenir t-shirt from the Sydney olympic games)

2: Ever been in love?

I've either fallen in love a million times or I never have

3: Ever had a terrible breakup?


4: How tall are you?
5"3 ish 

5: How much do you weigh?
Ought a lady tell..

6: Any tattoos?

Not yet

7: Any piercings?

Only the ears

8: OTP?

Rapunzel and Eugene

9: Favorite show?

Any reality show really, favourite would probably be Survivor and Big Brother

10: Favorite bands?
The 1975, 5sos, Queen, Panic! At The Disco, Ball Park Music, The Vaccines 

11: Something you miss? 

A good working pair of headphones

12: Favorite song?

Life by Tobu or Friday I'm In Love, The Cure

13: How old are you?


14: Zodiac sign?


15: Quality you look for in a partner?

Politically correct and good forearms

16: Favorite Quote?

I can't think of quotes off the top of my head, but when I hear a good one, I know

17: Favorite actor?

Johnny Depp

18: Favorite color?

Pink or yellow

19: Loud music or soft?

All music

20: Where do you go when you’re sad?

To bed, or I hang around my pets because I know they love me no matter what

21: How long does it take you to shower?

I could literally shower all day if the hot water stayed 

22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

If I'm not doing anything special 10-15 minutes. Anything that's as a shopping trip or more important will be over an hour

23: Ever been in a physical fight?

Not anything serious, but very rough play fights

24: Turn on?

Seeming really interested when you talk to me

25: Turn off?

Any sexist/racist/homophobic etc. remarks

26: The reason I joined Youtube Blogger?

You can see that here

27: Fears?

Bugs and insects, only if they can get to me, flying, thunder

28: Last thing that made you cry?

The Fault In Our Stars

29: Last time you said you loved someone?

Pretty much everyday to my family

30: Meaning behind your YouTube Blogger Name?

Well… It's NSFW so google it

31: Last book you read?

Cloud Atlas, David Mitchell

32: The book you’re currently reading?

Rivers of London, Ben Aaronovitch

33: Last show you watched?

Orange Is The New Black, season 1

34: Last person you talked to?

My dad

35: The relationship between you and the person you last texted?

My boss

36: Favorite food?

Eggs and salmon, they don't have to be together

37: Place you want to visit?


38: Last place you were?


39: Do you have a crush?

I don't do crushes so much anymore, I just like people and then like some more people and I guess I just like a lot of guys.

40: Last time you kissed someone?

About two weeks ago

41: Last time you were insulted?

I don't really let other people faze me

42: Favorite flavor of sweet?

Apple or grape

43: What instruments do you play?

I learnt piano I don't think I'm that great now though

44: Favorite piece of jewellery?

A gold and diamond ring my mum got me for my 18th birthday

45: Last sport you played?


46: Last song you sang?

Unchained Melody was playing at the restaurant I ate at last night

47: Favorite chat up line?

How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice *ba dum tsp

48: Have you ever used it?


49: Last time you hung out with anyone?

Well as I've been away for a couple of weeks it's been all family time for me

50: Who should answer these questions next?

Anyone who's reading this, and post a link in the comments so I can check it out

ps. apologies for such a long post (if you got through it)


  1. haha, you did it, great! Had a lot of fun reading it xx

  2. I loved this post! This is the first long post I've got through... You seem to be an interesting person! xx

  3. I love this tag and your answers:))
    I would love to see you on my blog!:))
    xoxo Antonella

  4. Ah, the last time you cried was The Fault in Our Stars. The movie and book are so sad...but so good too! Totally understand that. :)


  5. Cute post hun!! :)

    shabna x x
    drop me a comment back? ->

  6. Adorable tag :)

    lots of love, Ana

  7. I tagged you to do the GOOD MORNING TAG! Pleas join ♥

  8. Very interesting post!) You seem very nice)

    would you like to follow each other? If yes, just follow me and I will follow back)

  9. Really interesting & engaging post & would you like to follow each other
    on GFC, Google+ & Bloglovin? Lemme know!
    & keep in touch!


  10. btw, I nominated you for the 'Liebster Award', check it out xx

  11. Haven't actually read or watched the fault in the stars yet but I'll probably cry too. Great post by the way, even though it was quite a long post it was still really interesting, you seem like a nice person

    1. It's really lovely, I would suggest reading the book before seeing the movie :) Thankyou xx


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