Sunday, July 13, 2014

Review: Benefit Skincare

The lack of posts recently can be attributed to my being on holiday (there may be a holiday post in the future) so my attention has been elsewhere, but I've found some time for a little post.

I was browsing the Benefit counter recently and I wanted to try something from their skincare range but I couldn't decide. I spotted their b.right! Radiant Skincare 6 piece intro kit. It was $24 (AUD) and includes their face wash, face polish, toning lotion, facial emulsion, moisturiser and eye cream!

Foamingly Clean Facial Wash
This is completely used up as it's a tiny tube and I used it everyday, sometimes twice. Immediate results were really nice, my skin felt clean and smooth and didn't feel dry at all. I had blackheads coming up almost immediately which I find is a good sign in a cleanser. I'd definitely need a larger tube to see the long term results but this seems to work well and smells nice.

Refined Finish Facial Polish
This bottle recommends it to be used 1-2 times a weeks which I have been doing. It's quite a hard exfoliant and would definitely not use it more often than recommended and if you're skin is super sensitive to rough exfoliants I wouldn't suggest this one for you. The results, though, are so good. My skin feels so soft after every use and there's no trace of dry skin or roughness.

Triple Performing Facial Emulsion & Moisture Prep Toning Lotion
These two products, whilst they feel lovely on the skin, I don't feel are a wholly necessary part of a skincare routine. I have fairly regular skin so someone with dry skin would probably find these more helpful. The face emulsion for daytime wear contains SPF 15+ and makeup applies and stays easily enough. The night-time moisture prep leaves a really nice feeling on my skin. Both products dry quickly, ready for moisturiser and can easily be used on their own as they still leave the skin feeling moisturised and soft.

Total Moisture Facial Cream & It's Potent! Eye Cream
This face cream is really good as it's super smooth and smells quite good. I do end up looking really shiny after application but it tends so soak in after a while. It's perfect for before bed but also is fine to apply before makeup, as long as you let it settle first. The eye-cream is lovely although I haven't seen any noticeable difference in my under-eye area. Both of these products come in a tiny container and will definitely outlast all the other products as the coverage is excellent.

Overall, this is a perfect package for anyone who wants to try Benefit's skincare range as, apart from the face wash, it really allows you to see all the results of their products. It's also encouraged me to buy the larger products of a few, especially the face polish and moisturiser. If anyone's used Benefit's skincare range before please let me know your thoughts!

Miss J xx


  1. Heyy, such a lovely blog and a good read,
    Keep it up love:)!
    Stay in touch, Alice,


    1. Thankyou, I love your blog and followed too xx

  2. That's a very nice set and I like that they're so small it can fit everywhere. Great post.


    1. They are great, and I've taken them travelling too, they're the perfect size

  3. Really really good pictures, very nice style! :)

  4. I have always wondered about the benefit skin care range - I really want to give it a go! I recently did a post all about skin care and would love if you could check it out. I will defiantly be following you because your blog is great!
    xx Emma

  5. Love the review.
    I so want to try this- Might treat myself tomorrow
    You're blogs so cute! I've followed you on bloglovin and can't wait to see more


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